Avi Kishundat & Devon Cady-Lee
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The official, 100% real Korra Book 3 trailer is here! New Book 3 music by Jeremy Zuckerman. Edited by Jeff Adams. Motion graphics by Matt Gadbois. Enjoy!

Let me reblog this, as YouTube may be more friendly to viewers outside the US. 

Reblogging for international fans :)

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Artaku Interview


If you want to hear the melodic musings of my man voice for an hour n’ a half, then this is the podcast for you! I had a great time just getting to talk about a little of everything- from fandoms, cosplay, the evolution of art styles, cartoon nostalgia, high school nightmares, and even Captain Hook! We go everywhere with this. This is as Skirtzzzy as it gets, m’friends. 

Check it out here!


It was a delight to talk to this lady… if you haven’t listen in on to podcast interview with Skirtzzz stop everything and check it out!  Comedic and inspirational audio gold!!!

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